5 Money Making Apps for Artists

5 Money Making Apps for Artists

Making Apps for Artists

While most money-making apps are targeted at low-skill jobs, there are a number of apps specifically created for artists. These apps allow artists and creative people to find patrons, sell their work, or find opportunities in the arts.

Five of the most popular applications include:

1. Patreon

Patreon is a platform that allows users to sign up as patrons of creative people. Instead of donating to traditional charities, you donate a small amount each time the person creates a new piece of work. This allows creative people to focus on their craft without having to worry about paying the bills or earning a living wage. Users must be signed up for Patreon to access their content. For some people, finding patrons is less about money and more about building an audience that is interested in their work.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace that helps creative people sell their work directly to the public. You can use Etsy to sell all sorts of arts-related products such as art pieces, paintings, photography, and sculptures.

Prices range from $1 for a digital download to $8,000 for large-scale paintings. It only takes 5% of your sales as a commission fee, which is fairly reasonable for an advertising platform. If you are selling physical products, however, Etsy has relatively higher fees than Amazon or eBay at 3.

3. Paddle8

Paddle8 is an online marketplace that lets you sell your art, design work, photography, and more. This app only works on The Paddle8 website (paddle8.com) and only takes a 10% commission on your earnings. It’s free to use and also offers online exhibition space for creative projects.

If you’re an artist, you can also showcase yourself on Paddle8.com’s homepage to let prospective clients find you via the app. The site is filled with high-profile international artists, so you’ll be in good company if you use this app to sell your own artwork and get exposure in the process.

4. Artfare

Artfare allows creatives to sell their work, offering works in a multitude of mediums, from paintings to bronze statues to digital art.

Each piece takes about 5 minutes to list. If you’re a new artist on the platform, you can opt for the free plan that only requires a small commission fee on your sales. It’s free for buyers as well! Artists can choose their own listing and reserve prices for each piece (which include delivery cost).

5. ArtStation

ArtStation is an online portfolio website that lets artists upload their project photos. The app is available on iOS as well as Android devices. If you’re an artist, create a page on the app and add photos to showcase your work. If you’re selling a physical product, you can sell the physical item or include it in your listing’s description.

Making money as an artist has always been difficult for all but a select few. While that is still the case, new technology has begun to democratize artistic opportunities, giving new and upcoming artists a way to support themselves as they follow their passions. As technology continues to improve, we are bound to see an artistic renaissance of diverse and interview viewpoints like the world has never seen.

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