About Stoodio™

We offer professional and friendly service with a personal touch. Our passion is creativity, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to provide you with the best creative venue for your passion.



We have the vision to build spaces where individuals and businesses work together and produce their best work.

Our first Stoodios’ will open in 2021, with the goal of becoming a global creative environment provider dedicated to providing exciting, versatile, wellbeing environments and unprecedented social interactions.

We Craft Beautiful.

We’re reimagining how the creative space should empower everybody from Emerging Stars to Rockstars, to be more inspired, prosperous, and joyful for the promise of tomorrow.

Why Stoodio club

2020 has made us thankful for our communities, our members and the larger society to which we are apart of, as well as for the challenges we are yet to face. Stoodio club is determined to create safe spaces for the talented individuals of our communities to harness their talents and broadcast them to the world

High standard studio infrastructure and production facilities

Convenient locations

No Contracts

Professional, helpful community

Health Harmony

We believe that everyone needs support to pursue their dreams. Stoodio club aims to Help creators establish a healthier harmony and be more consistent.

We designed the Stoodio Rewards Program with this in mind

We have memberships that you can stop and resume, anytime you want.

Instead of being stuck with lease agreements, with opening hours that really don’t accommodate a lot of us, you’ll get it exactly the way you want it with us.

We’re available 24/7, nearly all the days of the year.

The Stoodio Foundation

We Believe

Each child is entitled to musical education, regardless of social circumstances and context.

There are several young people whose households cannot afford to pay these costs and find it very difficult to pay for musical events that have been totally free for certain older generations.

We Will

Organise annual Music Festivals with the funds going towards workshops for young disadvantaged aspiring musicians.

Support activities and programmes arranged by the local service that aim to inspire, encourage and motivate children and young people to begin or pursue their musical journeys.

Operate a grant programme for young people and their families/caregivers to register for ongoing support over a span of one year or longer to assist with the continuing expenses of courses, equipment, test fees, membership of the community, seminars and other events.

Provide financial assistance, through a supplemental talent programme, to children and young people whose musical aptitude may have been recognised through whole-class ensemble schooling but whose families are not in a position to afford further musical training after the first free year.

We need you

We need volunteers to assist in opening and closing Workshops, engage with tutors and participate in Stoodio Session, facilitate seamless operations of workshops, meet with the general public and guests and address their questions, and accept gifts, books and creative contributions .