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Stoodio Club building an AI-centric, all in one independent management platform for creative projects and ideas

We are making a limited amount of shares available for our first-ever investment round

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Why invest in Stoodio Club?

Stoodio Club is disrupting an £80bn Media & Entertainment Industry by 2023.

The Stoodio app is Apple and Google approved. Downloaded in over 176+ countries.

We have our 1st Stoodio Club operated studio launch in May opposite the world renowned Hackney Empire Theatre

Become a Founding Member

Stoodio Club is launching a crowdfunding campaign to inject capital to drive growth into every city in the country. We like the concept of including our users to become owners of the platform and using their input to improve the platform’s capabilities. 

We’re raising £100,000 to take Stoodio Club to the next level in connecting creatives worldwide starting in the UK.

You can invest as little as £10 to join our expansion.

From Humble Beginnings

The start-up, dubbed the “AirbnB for the Entertainment Industry,” was established in London in 2019 by former Bitcoin investors Ryan Andallo, Landry Ntahe and media Guru Ikenna Ihecherenoma as a way to find the best ways to access the global entertainment industry all under one app, and it now operates in 60+ Countries.

Stoodio Rounded logo

Stoodio Bookings

➤ ”I need a studio in Lisbon for 8 hours from 2pm on Saturday”

Approved studios will have the option to extend their operating hours by hiring experienced managers on StoodioTeams

Never be disappointed again

The Studio app already has amazing capabilities. Take virtual tours of studios before making a booking

Rewarding Passion

Loyalty Rewards for booking, leaving reviews with people you have collaborated with  and using the platform to then Spread the word/refer friends and collogues

We are now seeking £100k to boost brand awareness through good PR, utilising Ikes media and influencer connections, and social media campaigns and increase app downloads by 15% month-on-end.

By 2023, the company aims to build a variety of 30 state-of-the-art sustainable 24-hour inclusive studios, reach 20k+ listings and launch the revamped version of the app with full AI integration and match-making machine learning capabilities.

Bringing Stoodio Club to the masses

Own a Slice of Stoodio

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Stoodio Talent

Stoodio Talent is making it easier for creators to find work. Showcase their talent and get booked.

Find and book the worlds hidden talents from all corners of the earth.

Stoodio Club’s will seek rising stars who otherwise would never be found if not for a platform like this and put them front and centre for you to connect and collaborate.

We are building a smart matching tool using machine learning to predict amazing collaboration opportunities.

Our smart recommendation tool included in the Stoodio+ package will take the guess-work out of building efficient freelance teams so you can focus on your creativity

Own shares in Stoodio Club for just £10

Take the prototype for a spin

Click through the simplified booking process to get a feel of what the revamped app will feel like.

In this version not all segments are active. Only those highlighted.

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Stoodio Teams

Based on your interactions, likes shares, favourites and comments StoodioTeams will be able to suggest a “best suited” team for your next project.

StoodioTeams is taking freelance connectivity to the next level.


Manage all of your projects, roadmaps, assets, conversations and more in one place.

Sync documentation so you and your team are always on the same page.

Using keywords from your description StoodioTeams will be able to recommend the best individuals on the platform for your project.


Abrianna is making an indie film which she hopes will be a contender for the Cannes Film Festival the annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world.


Recommended Teams


Budget Allocation


Send Docs Securely

Abrianna can enter a short description, genre, budget and list the roles required to form her film crew on to the StoodioTeams Board.

StoodioTeams will even generate NDAs for each recruit and legal documentation which can be amended for each individual or project.

Building a user-friendly, mobile-first platform

Our roadmap is focused on introducing new features each and every quarter and fine-tuning the usability based on user/investor feedback which will be rewarded with Stoodio Credits.

We have recruited some of the best UI/UX designers around the world who will also be available for projects on the platform.

Stoodio Testing

Creator tools (like the Stoodio Club) platforms will become social networks

Smaller independents and artists direct grew fastest in 2020

A small but crucial metric from Spotify’s annual report: the share of all streams accounted for by majors and independent licensing body Merlin.

It was crucial because it enabled us to segment the streaming market in detail when combined with market data from majors and independent artist platforms. The key takeaway was that independents grew fastest, but that not all independents grew at the same rate.

Now the 2020 figure is out from Spotify and the trends have accelerated.

We are empowering a growing independent creative movement

“The UK is facing a “cultural catastrophe” and the loss of more than 400,000 jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, industry leaders have warned. Music, film, TV, theatre, architecture, publishing, and galleries and museums are to be hit twice as hard as the wider economy due to the pandemic” -Says Independent.co.uk

We are giving the power back to the people. Host and sell your own tickets without limits

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising funds from a group of investors in order to raise capital. Crowdfunding contributors may include friends, family members, investing groups, and personal investors who have an interest in the company. The aim is to draw a wide number of investors to the investment in order to generate the resources needed for the business venture.

Why Crowdcube

Crowdcube is a crowdfunding platform that allows start-ups to issue shares to and collect funds from a diverse group of regular and seasoned investors who want to invest in the future of businesses they believe in.

How does Stoodio Club make money?

We operate our own studios to generate revenue to build out the platform.  We have both customer and industry models for the platform.  All the services differ from consumer and industry clients both will need a subscription to access the advanced technology features.

How can I make a profit on my investment?

You can get a return if Stoodio Club goes public, sells or merges, or begins paying a dividend. Furthermore, secondary purchases could be possible in upcoming funding rounds. Please keep in mind, though, that investing in startups is risky. If the business fails and/or there is no way to sell your shares, you can lose your investment.

Do I have to invest if I sign up for the waiting list?

Not in the least.

Joining the waiting list  means you’ll be the first to invest when we open the funding round before we open up to the public, as we’ll close the crowdfunding round once we’ve hit our full cap.

Stoodio Club users who pre-register would be the first to to be notified, followed by non-users, then the public.

What effect has the pandemic had on Stoodio Club?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a health disaster of a scale never seen before. It has had a major influence on every sector of the global economy, including the media and entertainment industries. Most festivals and film festivals, such as TIFF, have adopted a mixed model of both physical and interactive ones, while some, such as SXSW, Tribeca, and the Academy Awards, have gone entirely online. Because of the increased demand for more diverse content, it is more important than ever to provide localised content. Subtitling and dubbing both make material more available to a broader audience, enabling films and television shows to be appreciated globally.

Most big streaming services understand the value of localisation and are doing excellent work in delivering high-quality subtitles and dubbed content.

We concluded that our long-term theory is still valid after reexamining our core principles.  Connectivity has never been more crucial, and our task to simplify their complexities will be central.

We increased our global reach with further downloads in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States, and we have continued to develop our value proposition, including the introduction of our redesigned and more powerful app in 2022.

Why now?

We have been bootstrapping the development up to this stage, and now we want to include our users as owners.

With the world of entertainment reopening, we think it is a better time to complete the crowdfunding part of our journey, as well as an opportunity to update you on our success and plans.

When is the campaign going to go live?

We’ll be launching the crowdfunding campaign really soon. Keep a close eye on your mailbox for the most up-to-date launch date updates after you’ve pre-registered your interest.

What is the valuation?

Using the Crowdcube method we are valued at £1M-£2M. Read more about Seedlegales valuation for start-ups. Click here

If you we use the Seedrs method Stoodio Club is valued between has a Pre-money valuation £3,269,346 – £4,904,019
Learn how Seedrs valuation works here
Click here

Why do you use a subscription model?

Cash is no longer King, subscriptions are the future are we are introducing it to the Studio industry

What happens after I invest?

The completion process begins after the pitch meets its goal and is close to receiving further funds. All investors will receive an email containing a copy of the Articles of Association as well as information about the cooling off period.

After the cooling off period, which is usually seven days, the payment collection process begins, followed by the issuance of electronic share certificates.

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