How to Effectively Use Podcasting to Market Your Business

How to Effectively Use Podcasting to Market Your Business

Podcasting why is it essential to Market Your Business

As a marketing tool, podcasting has yet to completely break through to the mainstream. When it comes to entertainment, though, podcasts have seen continuous growth. Between 2015 and 2016, podcast listening grew by 23%, making up an audience of 57 million Americans, according to a study by Edison Research. There is a real opportunity for businesses to tap into this enthusiastic audience, helping to promote their brand and offer quality content.

What Are the Main Benefits?

Before looking into the development process, it is worth understanding the main benefits of creating a podcast. Not every business has the same level of resources, so understanding the benefits can indicate whether you should direct your focus on this marketing channel.


Podcasts, like videos and quality articles, can engage people for extended periods of time. Keeping people engaged with your content is one of the biggest challenges for marketers, with online attention spans often low. When you add the personal element of direct broadcasting to the mix, engagement is even greater.


A podcast allows you to gain authority with your listeners. Even if you have a small audience, people will be more inclined to take you seriously within the niche. Having experts guests or recognized personalities also lets you build your brand through added social proof.


Developing a podcast is fairly easy and the tools to do so are accessible. Equipment is reasonably priced, and you can host your content on free sites if you have a low budget. It is, of course, possible to have higher production values, but it is not always required for the average podcast.

How Can You Develop a Podcast?

While podcast creation is accessible, you still need to approach it with professionalism. Audiences expect quality, so following a process ensures you maintain a high standard.

Create a Format

Certain businesses lend themselves to a broadcast format, but others are slightly trickier. A company in a financial niche, for example, could build a podcast around the daily or weekly financial news. If you sell gym equipment, though, you may need to choose the broader fitness advice niche. If you are really struggling for ideas, you could sponsor a podcast that has an audience with similar demographics to your own.


Established podcasts tend to use a recording studio, but you can do everything from your home or office to a high standard. A basic equipment list will include quality microphones, a mixer, headphones, and a digital recorder. If you are interviewing someone in a different location, Skype should provide an acceptable quality.


While podcasts tend to have a looser format than traditional media, listeners will still demand consistency. Many podcasts fail because they lack a consistent schedule, with episodes coming out sporadically. Try to release each episode at the same time of the week, letting your audience know they can rely on you to deliver.

How Do You Market a Podcast?

A podcast without a good audience is no use to your business, so you need to market it effectively. The upside is that you are providing free content, meaning you won’t be dealing with a reluctant crowd.

Email List

Email is still one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic. While it might not be the most trendy marketing technique, your email list will probably be the most engaged. Email subscribers that have previously purchased products can also be reengaged with an offer of free content.

 Social Media

Social media users are a perfect audience for podcasts, with many platforms even letting you embed the content within your account. Podcast listeners tend to be younger, so the demographics mirror social media users too.


Every niche has authority figures and influencers with followings. Look to network with these people, invite them to appear as a guest, and promote their involvement. These influencers will probably inform their audience of their involvement, so you can gain part of their audience as subscribers.

Podcasts might only be one of a number of marketing channels, but a continued rise in popularity will ensure you can grow your listener base along with the industry as a whole. While some industries might not have an immediately obvious angle, taking a broader approach can help you develop an interesting concept. One of the main aims of marketing is to build a relationship with a targeted audience, so podcasting, with its direct communication, fulfils this requirement.