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InFacts Podcast

Welcome to IN-FACTS! A live event, turned podcast and with no boundaries for where else we may go.Curated by Lemzi and Amelia Poamz, IN-FACTS started as an intimate live event in early 2019. Showcasing more than just music, by screening short films, speaking to directors and hosting live discussions, the multi-faceted event saw some of London's best artists

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Ashaine White

Ashaine White is Pronounced (ash-ay-nee) // north London // bandleader of @pocketsoultrio a Soul, Neo Soul and RnB Trio from London. With her references to jazz harmony and spellbinding but melancholy approach to Neo-soul, Ashaine White restores the melody of singing. Ashaine White is

inspired by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah

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The People’s Pundit

Football fanatic with a very strong view on the sport.Most of my views come from Chelsea bias but I am very fair with my criticism of all clubs including my own.I have built up a following on Instagram over the past couple of years but have never cracked YouTube so that is the next target!Join me as I attempt to grow my name in the football punditry world!!

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