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Packed full of great features to market your creativity or upcoming events

Download the app and start hosting your events today. Available on the App Store and Google Play

Amazing Features

The Stoodio App is packed full of great features to market your creativity or upcoming events.

From managing your Stoodio sessions, messaging other members for collaborations on projects. Posting your audio and Videos to share on the platform, to selling your products and services, hosting events and more.

Stoodio Virtual Tours

The entertainment industry is pivoting towards independent management. The Stoodio App was built with this in mind.

View listed studios in full 360 degree angle. Get a feel of the space before booking using our interactive panoramic view or 360 viewer using your 3d headset

Feed Me

Instagram Feed on Stoodio

Interested in a Stoodio Talent member? Keep up to date with their work by following their Instagram feed directly on their profile page. View, like or comment on photos and videos directly.Powered by Instafeed

Find Talent and Collaborate

Book studio rooms 24/7

In-app Messaging

Contact other members of Stoodio Club in app. Talk music, business, collaborations and more.

View Events

Events by date or near you using the map. Hosted by members of the Stoodio Collection, find the next music industry event

Event Bookings

Registered users can book up to 5 tickets per event. Take advantage of ticketless entry with our email QR ticketing system.

Full Features

Take a look at the full feature list of the Stoodio App. From booking events and studio time to viewing artists and collaborator profiles

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Buy products from directly from a Stoodio member. From digital downloads, merchandise, tickets and more. Show your support and buy now

Social Sharing

Like what you see? Share the content with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends and family using our share button

Talent Search

Quick search the Stoodio Talent Pool to find DJs, singers, sound engineers and more for your next collaboration or event

Did You Know? We have an App available

Download the Stoodio Club App now on the App Store. Register. Sign In. View. Book. List. All on the go in the palms of your hands.


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Stoodio Booking FAQ

Make a booking

To book or check for availability,  select your preferred location, studio type, date and time of your session as you’d so please and duration of use for the studio. Then select Book Now.


Tip: We advise that you make a booking in advance to reserve spot for you. But a studio can also be booked just a few minutes before the session begins.

Change my booking

Do you have a booking that is not due for more than 24 hours?

If there’s need for you to move your booking and the booking is not due for more than 24 hours, all you have to do is to log in to your account, click My bookings and cancel the booking. You’ll receive the credit in your Stoodio account immediately with which you can then make another booking.

Do you have a booking that is due in about 24 hours?

We cannot cancel or move bookings that are due in less than 24 hours. But, if you have incorrectly entered some details such as the wrong time or day, kindly send us a brief message via the app.

Cancel my booking

If you have a booking that is not due for more than 24 hours, it can be cancelled easily. Simply log in to your account, go to ‘My Bookings’ and select the relevant session.

As soon as you click ‘Cancel Booking’, you’ll be asked to confirm if you wish to proceed. You’ll receive the credit in your Stoodio account immediately.

If your booking is due in less than 24 hours, we cannot move the booking nor refund you.

Recurrent bookings

Bookings can be made via the stoodio app, this can be done hourly. Each booking should be made separately from your account.

The minimum slot that can be booked is one hour. A booking of up to 12 hours can be made at a time. You can also make a booking 1 months ahead of the due date if the slot is available.

Stoodio Access

As soon as your session has been confirmed, your codes will be sent to you via the stoodio app and text message, this will also be displayed in the booking in your Stoodio account.

Below is what they will look like.

Guest Pass

As part of your membership: 

• a charge of £2 per guest will be charged to bring an additional person 

• All guest passes can only be used once. 

• Your guests MUST be members to sign in

All equipment must be treated with care and left in good condition at the end of each booking. It is the responsibility of the member who made the booking to ensure this. WE retain the right to withdraw or suspend membership without a refund if a member or their guests causes loss or damage to Kunda studio property, including equipment through inappropriate use or negligence.


From 2022 our prices will be higher at our busiest times during the evenings and will offer you a chance to save when we’re less busy. All availability details and corresponding pricing are available on the calendar.

Block bookings and regular slots are available at discounted prices. More information coming in 2021


All bookings must be paid in full on or before the commencement of any facilities bookings.

Opening hours

Most of our studios will be open 24/7. However, we may have noisy level restrictions,  this is to ensure we do not cause a public disturbance for our neighbours.

Code ‘pending’ or not received

This may be due to a location being in its pre-launch phase. However, it’s no cause for alarm as you’ll receive updates from us containing the new codes via the stoodio app before your session begins.

This may also be caused if you’re yet to be verified, or we’re having a maintenance block out on the room, your codes will be delivered as soon as your verification is complete or the room has been unblocked. As soon as your verification is confirmed, for example, your codes will be available within minutes in the booking details. You may contact us to check your ID verification status via the Stoodio app