Stage live events on Stoodio Club and get paid.

Learn how to communicate with Stoodio Club members, establish, promote and receive payments for your event paid through the app or web platform

Hosting Events on Stoodioclub

Build Unique experiences.
Charge a fee.

Set up, manage and receive payment for your event all in one place with paid events Stoodio Club.

Here is how

Creat an event

Create your free listing, add information about the location; time, instagram feed, contact info and more


Add tickets for the event.


Submit your event for review. Once approved you can share your event far and wide and take bookings

A single platform for your events and services

If you’re looking to take your current services online or build completely new interactions, Stoodio Club will help:

Expand your business

Invite people to your lectures, seminars, festivals, club nights, live gigs or other activities and charge for entry.

Broaden your network 

Expand your scope outside your immediate area by taking virtual or in-person gatherings.

Save your time and get noticed

Create, host and receive payment wherever your customers are. Host an event on Stoodio Club or link to a third-party site.

Get the app

Get the app

Spread the word about your event.

Share your event on social media platforms to increase awareness and anticipation about your event or service.

Stay on top

Share your event on Stoodio Club feed free with latest posts, Instagram feeds and more. Keep people up to date on upcoming activities or post other updates.

Build you brand

Communities can not only help you develop awareness, but can also help build a community around your new event or workshop, or course or any other upcoming activities. Contribute to discussions and share your events with individuals who are engaged in your industry or what you do.

Promote it

Help boost engagement and maximise ticket sales by highlighting your event on Stoodio club featured

Boost your event directly from your dashboard

Although you can host an event on Stoodio club for free, event advertising can help:

Reach new hights

Get new members who are likely to engage in your event or share a new event with your current customers.

Break Barriers

Share details about your event, and branch out to more audiences who could be engaged in your project.

Guest list

Motivate individuals to engage with your event in order to obtain notifications and reminders.