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Music Studio in Hackney

  About this Music Studio in Hackney This Studio is located on Mare Street, opposite the Hackney Town Hall and Hackney Empire Acoustically treated and semi-equipped to a high standard. The Mare Room is packed with some of the industries most trusted brands known for their quality and reliability. Available Uses: Vocalists Bring your favourite instrument and sing along with it, or bring your instrumental track and record vocals on top of it. For a professional finish, we’ll use world-class analogue processing, cutting-edge digital effects, and vocal tuning. Film, television, and animation are all forms of entertainment. Direction Through Source Elements for ADR, dubbing, voice to picture, foreign language translations, narrations, trailers, advertisements, series, documentaries, and news. Applications that use several media. Mobile apps, video games, audiobooks, manuals, eLearning, therapy, and meditation all benefit from audio. Applications for the Workplace. Promotional films, voice answers, and phone system messages are just a few examples.
  • Free Wifi
  • In house cafe
  • Air Conditioning
  • 24/7
  • Dry Hire / Self-service
Book this Music Studio in Hackney today Please note we do not supply a computer or laptop. Please bring your own to record your session.
  Our In house production team is also available for an additional fee. Please send us a message if you require an engineer during the session. We will assist you in finding an engineer from the Stoodio Talent Pool, however, if no engineer is available for the period you have selected our in house team can then be booked for your session.  




From: £12.00 (or 120 Credits)

This Stoodio is available for music production, recording and Podcast recordings

Booking Rates

3 am – 8 am 120 Stoodio Credits

9 am – 4 pm 140 Stoodio Credits

5 pm – 3 am 160 Stoodio Credits

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Opening Hours

Open 24/7