What is Stoodio Club

What is Stoodio Club

With the arrival of the internet age, it’s never been easier to make and sell music. Anyone from a piano virtuoso to a fire-spitting freestyler can set up a mic or phone and start a career from scratch. But the internet is a double-edged kind of tool. It’s easy to get out there, but hard to get seen. The technology that’s so widespread to let anybody try isn’t up to the same standards as the big label artists. They don’t have agents, tour schedules, venues, or even studios to get that one magical, perfect recording for their hit single. For new acts just finding their footing, even if they become a viral sensation, the next step up the ladder of success can be just out of reach.

Stoodio Club is offering a hand up to keep the climb going. In a new age of innovative creation, there need to be new methods of discovery to match. If everyone is rushing to the same place on the internet, they’ll all end up lost in the staggering choices on offer and pressed down from above by the professionals.

Stoodio Club will offer that same advantage to anyone. We aim to have a global community of creative minds who want to use their voices to say something, whether in song, visuals, long-form podcasts or live broadcasts. The platform launches soon and is accepting sign-ups now before the first wave of Stoodios open up in The UK.

A Market of Ideas

Making a song, for some very talented people, is the easy part. It’s the selling that gets in their way. The rights, the license and fees, the contracts; some people want to make something unique and share it fairly in an open market. Stoodio Club will offer an exciting brand-new marketplace modelled for both creaters and media industry professionals. Artists can distribute their songs and selectively hire the best agent to help them get it out there or a great collaborator to make the next new hit together.

Commons for Creatives

Communication is essential in the world of creativity. Social media has given artists across the world a direct feed to their fans like never before. What was once a rare opportunity, a shout of praise across a crowd of people at a live venue is now the every day for many artists.

But, the world of social media is rife with changes. Twitter is swayed by algorithms and toxic dissenters. Facebook is likewise a hotbed of unmovable niches. Stoodio Club will offer an internal social media network for creatives by creatives to focus on posting about their work, their style and give their voice power.

Directory to Market

With a larger marketplace, discoverability becomes a more prevalent problem. How does a voice get heard if it’s one of an ocean of voices all speaking at the same time? Stoodio will offer more comprehensive searching functionality to keep everyone above the water line. Search by genre, sub-genre, even instrument on an artist-by-artist basis. If you’re looking for a cello player to lay the bass for a new track, you can find one. Industry specialists can search out the best of any category for assembling a new act or improving on one they’re already supporting. Search by location as well. Even in these trying times, meeting people and playing together is still the best way to get a feel for rhythm and skill. Music remains essential, more than ever, and the ways to make it have improved more than they’ve changed.

The New Recording Standard

The main draw of Stoodio Club beyond the digital space is the real, physical impact it seeks to leave on the world. Going from recording in the corner of an apartment to a soundproof studio with a professional mixer behind the glass is a leap too far for most indie artists to make.

If they’re just starting out, they’ll be stuck in one place for a while. That’s where Stoodio makes the biggest change. Actual recording studios, available at any time on nearly any day of the year. The Stoodio app let members schedule to use a real, working recording room at physical locations. Which are being cleared, prepped and are set to open in 2021. Starting small, in London, Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham. Once the Stoodio is up and running and anyone can use them, new booths will open up for the rest of the world. This is the revolution, and Stoodio is hosting it.

Bring Back the Sound

Everyone misses the concerts, the venues, the big events for new and old artists alike. People miss the sounds they love and seeing them live. Stoodio hears this and has a response. Setting up events, scheduling venues, all the busy work and red tape isn’t fit for most creatives. All their better ideas can only go as far as their business experience. But with the connectivity with industry professionals and the in-app ability to manage ticket sales and food catering, any artist can set up their own tour from their phone or desktop. Stoodio will bring the events back that everyone wants. Planned by the artists, supported by the fans, truly ground-up community-built celebrations of creativity.

Stoodio is Coming

The world of music production is due for an overhaul. The world is more connected than ever, but the music industry is still a maze of contracts, legalities and old-money advantages. The average new artist won’t have a chance outside of the slimmest margin of luck. Stoodio is going to open doors, windows and blow off ceilings for everyone to get started. Musicians of all kinds, podcasts, DJs, broadcasters; Stoodio will level the playing field for everyone. The Next Big Thing could go from garage to recording booth and the modern acts that want a new break from the old methods. Stoodio brings the creativity back to the hands of the people who care about it most: The Creators, and the Fans.

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